hello goat

Goat is Donna.

A crafty and funny girl who lives close to the beach in Melbourne, Australia with her fiance Christian and their kitty Sailor Jerry.

Donna loves Something For Kate, tattoos, Christmas, dressing up, bright tights, doilys, op shopping, polka dots, flowers, arts, crafts, heavy metal music, DIY, weddings and all kinds of animals... mainly goats!!

Goat + Wolf is a happy place that Donna created after blogging for over 2 years under the alias of Deer Donna. Goat + Wolf is a fun space where Christian and Donna will share their lives and things they enjoy doing, making and seeing.

They are also getting married in October 2013 so there will be lots of wedding planning on Goat + Wolf.

Please pop by as often as you like and say hello, as they love visitors and new friends!


  1. Hello lady!
    You have a great blog over here... Pure eye candy!
    Off to read, off to read!

  2. You are too sweet!!! :D

    And your NANNA tattoo is so gorgeous! <3

  3. you are the cutest :) I LOVE your oompa loompa costume!!!

  4. I look forwsrd to readng lots and lots about you guys - just gorgeous!!! ^_^

  5. Gorgeous Gal! Looooves you! xx

  6. loving your blog, you're lovely! xxx


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